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We make tech and market opportunities accessible to everyone by breaking down borders. we simplify services that were once only affordable to giant corporations.

We believe that businesses must use every resource possible in order to succeed in this competitive world. we help you utilize resources across the globe even from within confines of your bedroom.

It will be our goal to make each one of us capable of experiencing growth through mutually beneficial strategies.

네오코리아는 대한민국 무역 회사로 2021년 인도 개발자와 한국 기업을 연결 시켜 주는 플랫폼을 구축했습니다.

인도 지역 기술자를 통한 해외 기술 외주 컨설팅 및 개발자 임대 서비스를 출시 했습니다.

인도 현지 개발자를 국내보다 50% 낮은 비용에 월 단위 공급합니다.

Budget Friendly

We offer cost effective solutions for your projects

Quality Design

We provide quality solutions for your creative development projects.

Fast Development

We provide time bound solutions for your development projects.

Friendly Support

We provide customer friendly support for your projects.

Professional network

We provide professional developers from India, Vietnam and Philippines

Strategic partners

We provide strategic partners for your development projects.

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